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Biorika Healthcare

Averol Lifesciences PVT LTD was established in 2010 with the vision to serve the ailing humanity afflicted with various severe ailments. Situated in the heart of the beautiful city Chandigarh(India), In last 10 years of journey we have established a strong foothold in fiercely competitive market scenario through our unwavering focus on quality, commitment and delivery. Now we have launched our new company by name of Biorika Healthcare.

Under the aegis of mentor Mr Paramjit Singh an MBA in Marketing from Chandigarh, we capitalize rich experience, dynamic leadership and in-depth knowledge, we have been able to set new benchmark of excellence in the competitive market. Our ethical standard and transparent business dealing have helped us in garnering a vast clientele within the domestic territory. We desire to expand our business all over India and are already operating our business in various states.

Biorika healthcare has a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical drugs as per GMP norms which are today recommended by popular medical institutes, medical categorized as Analgesics, Antibiotics, Anti cold, Anti allergies, anti psychotic Drugs, Gastro, Anti ulcerant, Hormones and Nutritional supplements. These are widely appreciated for accurate composition and high standard of safety and efficiency.


We are deeply committed to excellence and quality. Our team is committed and work hard to deliver the best for the cause of life. The only way we can make our commitement of healthier and happier word come true by providing better and even better quality of products. The company develop product that deliver value to customers, meet health need of patients and improve their lives.


What we see is what we eat is a old proverb. As a marketing person you certainly know the advantages of a good packing. Packing is not just a box where u put in 10 strips, Lots of things go in to it. Designing quality of brands, Quality of printing, Strip presentation, Quality of foil, printing of foil etc. The quality of all these things just not make them look good, but are also helpful in maintaining the quality of the product (medicines) in the retailer shelf. As the storage at the retailer end in rural india are not very good. Most of our packs are in ALU-ALU packing and mat coated foil.


Our prices are one of the most economical in Franchise market.
We have a transparent policy on it. Our rates are same everywhere, they do not change costumer to costumer. If one is buying bigger lots, he gets the scheme.


One in the beginning it will be advance, thereafter it all depend upon dealing.

PCD Pharma Company

We are a WHO GMP/ISO certified company engage in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical formulation.